“Anthony, Thank you for joining us at our NeXgen program at Agape Aim Centers. We greatly appreciate the time you took out of your business and personal life to share your story with our clients, everyone was engaged and showed great interest in your story because it was so relatable. It’s so important for us at Agape to ensure that we are giving hope to our clients, so they can understand their abilities so live their best life, you certainly did that when you unexpectedly broke down with emotion as you told your story. Thanks again for being so open and vulnerable. It’s been over 3 weeks since your visit and the guys are still talking about the “Anthony story”. They remember and discuss some of the real-life characters that played a role in your life, but more importantly, that victorious moment when God answered your prayers, it ignited faith in them to truly trust and believe in the things they have been praying for daily. Your motivation to succeed has been powered by your past, to never allow your past to equal your future. We are so grateful that you spent this quality time at Agape Aim Centers and we look forward to you stopping in from time to time, changing lives one conversation at a time. Your journey was meant to be shared.” – Joseph A. Zappoli III, COO, Agape A.I.M. Center


“Tony, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last few weeks. When I was charged with these crimes, I thought my life was done for, a five-time felon, four of which were incarcerated. I really didn’t see a point in life, I found myself in the depths of depression and drugs. When I called and asked if you would come and speak on my behalf, I wasn’t sure you would or if it would even help. For some reason, you had faith that I wasn’t a lost cause. Obviously, the judge shared your opinion on the matter or this letter would be of a different time from a prison cell. One of regrets and sorrows. Since the day you took the stand on my behalf and spoke to the judge of a future of structure and goals, my life has changed for the better. I now have a job I am eager to go to every morning with a future. You’ve given me the opportunity to succeed. For that I’m forever in your debt. Thank you, Tony, for believing in me. P.S. I won’t let you down.” – James