The idea of bullying being a normal function of society is no longer viable in the age of information. Where once bullying was considered a rite of passage for the youth, today its negative sociological impact is impossible to ignore.

Anthony Passero himself is no stranger to bullying. He has been on both sides of it, and although he may not be proud of his troubled past, it has inspired him to teach the lessons he’s learned to those that need it most.

“Just like in the schoolyard, there are bullies in the business world. I fought my whole life against people that may have been stronger or wealthier than me throughout my childhood and career. My life has had its ups and downs, but I have learned to no longer fear bullies and am proud to defend those that might be facing them today.”

Even though he is a successful businessman and loving father in his own right, Anthony always finds the time to help those understand the bullying issue and teach them that it can always be stopped or prevented through proper education and awareness.