AP Public Speaking Program

The AP Program takes the first step in their initiative to get the word out to the children. By taking the time to go to schools throughout Broward and Miami-Dade counties to publicly address the students as well as the school staff on what our main goals are. We believe we can create confidence and integrity in the school systems to address these issues that students struggle with every day. We want to create a world where the students can trust in the staff and their ability to connect with them and guide them in the right direction.

The Public Speaking aspect of the AP Program brings a team of Professional Athletes, both past and present, along with the Founder, Anthony Passero, to share their personal stories of right and wrong that shaped their lives today. They are here to show the teens that they are not alone and that spreading awareness is the first step in making a difference. The students will have a chance to speak first hand with some of the athletes and hear how they can help. They will also have a chance to get a look at what the Anthony Passero Program has to offer.

Our goal is to get the teens involved in the AP Program because they truly want to make a positive change. We believe in the youth and their ability to make the right choices with the right mentors to lead the way.

To schedule to speak at your school or facility, please fill out the form below and a team member will reach out to you shortly with booking information.