The AP Program believes an important part of teenage growth is being able to utilize the right tools and information from someone teens can trust and confide in. The AP Program connects teens with both past and present Pro Athlete mentors, or Life Coaches, that help to equip them with the necessary tools for a successful plan moving forward into their future.

We understand here at the AP Program that obstacles happen. Life is not always as we perfectly plan but there is always a window when all of the doors seem to close. We want to be there for the teens when these times arise. The Life Coaching program allows the students to meet with their mentors and update them with their progress both in school and in life with their short and long-term goals. We want to give the teens alternatives to problems that may seem not to have a solution. Providing a safe outlet for the teens to express their feelings and emotions as well as their concerns for their wellbeing both in school and out of school.

Our Founder, Anthony Passero’s biggest passion is his Anti-Bullying Campaign. In following his passion, The Anthony Passero Program also strives to educate and prepare children for the unexpected. Bullying has many victims. The person being bullied, witnesses to the bullying, and the person doing the bullying. When a child sees behavior that is upsetting to him/her, someone needs to be aware and know about it. They need to be able to speak out and that is why we are here. We want to be a safe house for the children who are afraid to confront their bullies alone. We want to be a safe house for children who are afraid they will be bullied if they “tell”. We want to be a safe house for the children who are the aggressors. We understand everyone has a story to tell and the reasoning behind why they choose to bully their peers is more than just “bad behavior”. Our Life Coaching Program is here to be that safety for the teens, no matter the age. We are dedicated to being a voice, together.

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